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My Services

Tech Support

Tech Support

If you have problems with your PC, smartphone or tablet, don't give up. I can help you with that! I can teach you all the tips and tricks to make your workflow more efficient.


If you need someone to shoot photos or videos for you and/or edit it to a polished movie/photobook, then this place is the way to go! I also do promovideos, advertisments, etc.
Creative Design

Creative Design

If you need someone that could design an interactive prototype for you, then you're in the right place!


Why Choose Me?

Hi, my name is Toine Rademacher and I am a 19 year old boy studying Communication and Multimedia Design at Hogeschool Utrecht. I can help you with all sorts of computer, video, audio, design stuff. But why should you choose me?
Everything is possible! Just hit me up and I will tell you what I can help you with and what is a little bit trickier.
Open Minded
I am always looking out for any feedback because it can always be better.
I will always take the full responsibility for what I create.
I am a very organized person that communicates every step forward.

A few Numbers

Fun Facts

Here are some numbers that might be interesting to you...


cups of coffee


workhours in VEGAS Pro


was the year when 'toineenzo' started

Don't be the same.

Be Different.

Developers Ideology
Using modern technologies that aren't legacy and slow, but fast and efficient
Fast Responses
Never waiting too long for an answer from me
Web or App? Can't choose? Choose both!
Compared to others, I am mutch cheaper :)
I am not that one distant nerd guy. I really want to know you and sit around the table and talk.
Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life
If something doesn't go as planned, I will search for the best solution possible.
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